Contact Information

If you are contacting us about COVID-19, please call our COVID-19 Call Centre at 1-800-922-0096 ext. 9.

General Inquiries and Information:

Woodstock Site St. Thomas Site

Phone: 519-421-9901

Toll Free: 1-800-922-0096


410 Buller Street, Woodstock, Ontario, N4S 4N2

Phone: 519-631-9900

Toll Free: 1-800-922-0096


1230 Talbot Street, St. Thomas, Ontario, N5P 1G9

Executive Leadership & Support:

Name Position Focus Area Contact Information
Cynthia St. John Chief Executive Officer (CEO)   519-631-9900 Ext. 1202
Dr. Joyce Lock Medical Officer of Health (MOH)   519-631-9900 Ext. 1308
Amanda Koning Executive Assistant Support to CEO, MOH and Board of Health 519-631-9900 Ext. 1207

Senior Leadership Team, Corporate Services & Support:

Name Position Focus Area Contact Information

Derek McDonald

Director, Corporate Services & Human Resources


519-631-9900 Ext. 1250

Monica Nusink

Director, Finance

Finance and Facilities Management

519-631-9900 Ext. 1318

Cathie Walker

Program Director

Chief Nursing Officer, Foundational Standards

519-631-9900 Ext. 1223

David Smith

Program Director

School Health, Oral Health Programs and Services, Vision Screening Program, School-based Immunization Program and Clinical Services & School Nutrition Program

519-631-9900 Ext. 1245

Peter Heywood

Program Director

Chronic Disease Prevention & Well-Being, Food Safety, Health Environments, Substance Use & Injury Prevention & Safe Water

519-631-9900 Ext. 3502

Susan MacIsaac

Program Director

Healthy Growth & Development, Infectious and Communicable Diseases & Immunization

519-631-9900 Ext. 3444

Megan Cornwell



519-631-9900 Ext. 1259

Nicole Dagg


Human Resources

519-631-9900 Ext. 1243

Vanda Ostojic-Middel

Office Manager


519-631-9900 Ext. 1244

Jodi Brindley

Supervisor, Accounting


519-631-9900 Ext.1335

Elyse McDougall Payroll & Benefits Administrator   519-631-9900 Ext. 1398

Kim Eitel

Executive Assistant

Support to Directors (Monica Nusink & Derek McDonald)

519-631-9900 Ext. 1203

Karen Vance

Administrative Assistant

Support to Director (Derek McDonald)

519-631-9900 Ext 3401

Wai Ying Lee

Administrative Assistant

Support to Corporate Services Team

519-631-9900 Ext.1316

Jenna Anger Administrative Assistant Support to Directors (David Smith, Cathie Walker, Peter Heywood & Susan MacIsaac) 519-631-9900 Ext. 1210

Leadership Team:

Name Position Focus Area Contact Information
Amy Pavletic Program Manager

Food Safety, Healthy Environments, Safe Water, Rabies and Vector-Borne Management Strategy


Ext. 3407

Elaine Reddick

Program Manager

Infectious and Communicable Diseases Prevention & Control, including personal service setting inspection, influenza vaccine program and vaccine management, promotion and community clinics


Ext. 3405

Erica Arnett

Program Manager

Chronic Disease Prevention & Well-Being, including menu labeling; Substance Use & Injury Prevention, including drug strategy and Smoke-Free Ontario Strategy with enforcement


Ext. 1247

Felix Harmos

Program Manager

Healthy Growth and Development, Harm reduction program, Sexual health adult clinical services (St.Thomas Site)


Ext. 1267

Jaime Fletcher

Program Manager

Dental Services and Vaccine Preventable Diseases services


Ext. 1234

Joanne Andrews

Program Manager

Healthy Growth and Development, Harm reduction program, Sexual health adult clinical services (Woodstock Site)


Ext. 3403

Carolyn Richards Program Manager Health equity (SDOH), Population health assessment, Effective public health practice (i.e., quality), Research and knowledge exchange (includes privacy and health information management), Emergency management 519-421-9901 Ext. 3395

Mary Van Den Neucker

Program Manager

Comprehensive School Health Program, School Nutrition Program and Vision Programs


Ext. 3461