Bats and Rabies

BatBays play an important role in the natural world, as they eat many insects during flight. Bats can consume 60% of their body weight in insects every evening, including mosquitoes (up to 600 per hour), moths, midges, beetles and others. 

17 different types of bats live in Canada. The most common bats are the Little Brown Bat, and the Big Brown Bat. The Little Brown Bat has a body weight of only 8 g (3 oz) and has a wingspan of 22 cm (9”). The Big Brown Bat can weigh up to 20 g (7 to 10 oz) and has a wingspan of 35 cm (14”).

Can People Get Rabies From Bats?

Yes.  Bats that are sick with rabies can give it to humans. The bat and human must touch for the rabies to go from bat to human.

Finding a bat on the ground, in an unusual place or flying during the day means it may be injured or suffering from a sickness, including rabies. 


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