Recess Ambassadors for the Playground (R.A.P.)

This program creates an opportunity for students to be trained peer leaders to engage other students in a variety of fun physical activities that will build on their Physical Literacy Skills.

Students in the intermediate and senior grades are trained to lead physical activities/games for the primary grades during the noon hour recess or nutrition/activity breaks for one to five days per week.  The frequency, timing and age of the students who are involved can be determined by the needs and resources of the school.


To create a healthier school community by encouraging all students to become more physically active. R.A.P. can:

  • Promote healthy active living in the school community through the development of physical literacy skills
  • Reduce bullying behaviour and sedentary boredom
  • Facilitate leadership opportunities for students by encouraging responsibility for planning, implementing and evaluating recess play activities, and resolving conflict
  • Provides an opportunity for leaders to learn to work as a team towards a common goal.

Contact your school nurse if you are interested in starting a R.A.P. program at your school.

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