Child Safety

Children are naturally curious and do not easily recognize and avoid hazards. Many injuries can be avoided by supervising children carefully and by making their surroundings safer.

Every hour of every day, 427 Canadians are hurt from a preventable injury, resulting from a fall, a motor vehicle collision, a fire, a poisoning, a drowning or any number of other causes.  Preventable injuries are the leading cause of death for Canadians 1-44 years of age and claim the lives of more children than all other causes combined.  Preventable injuries cost Canadians more than $26 billion a year in health care dollars (Parachute Canada, 2016).

We know that 90% of injuries are preventable and predictable.  We know that no one wants to be injured; no one wants their child or loved one to get hurt.  People often think, “It won’t happen to me”, but it does happen – to us, to those around us – at home, at work, at play and on the roads.  Let’s help stop preventable injuries from happening, together (Parachute Canada, 2016).


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