Preventing Infections

What are germs?

The word germ is a general term for many types of bugs.  Bacteria and viruses are two types of germs.  Bacteria live almost everywhere in our environment.  Of the billions of types of bacteria, only 50 are known to cause infection in humans.

Viruses cause far more infection than bacteria and spread more easily.  If more than one person in your family has an illness, chances are it’s a viral infection.

Cold and flu viruses invade our cells and rapidly grow in number, causing symptoms like runny nose, cough, aches, and sore throats.

pink angry germ

How do germs spread?

Germs can live for a long time on surfaces such as desks, door handles and phones. Most people get sick when they touch something that has germs on it and then touch their eyes, nose or mouth. The best way to lower your risk of getting sick is to clean your hands often.

To stop the spread of germs, follow these simple steps:


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