A Fresh Approach to Talking About Healthy Eating and Healthy Weight

family walking in park with picnic basketSouthwestern Public Health Encourages Society and Individuals to Re-Think Their Approach to Physical Activity, Healthy Eating and Weight. 

family of 4 in kitchenFor decades there has been a focus on dieting, weight and appearance. This focus does not work and, in fact, causes harm to self-esteem and mental wellness while perpetuating weight bias and weight stigma. 

Instead, we encourage and support all residents of our community, regardless of size and shape, to focus on the healthy behaviours that they can do to get and stay healthy. Everyone can improve their health and reduce their risk of disease and injury by making healthy choices. This change in approach is especially important to raising healthy and happy kids. 

Parents, teachers, child care professionals, and healthcare providers can all support a healthier and more positive approach while preventing weight bias. Read on to see how you can start a new conversation.

For Parents

For Teachers

For Healthcare Professionals

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