Recreational Water

Summer brings the anticipation of swimming, boating and taking part in other recreational water activities.

It is important to practice healthy swimming behaviour all year round to reduce the risk of acquiring a recreational water illness and to prevent an injury from occurring.  

In order to protect bathers from recreational water illness or injury, public health inspectors regularly inspect public swimming pools, spas, splash pads, and beaches in Elgin and Oxford County for compliance with the Health Protection and Promotion Act and the regulations thereunder.

Public health inspectors also work with public health nurses to promote the safe use of indoor and outdoor recreational water environments by putting prevention into action.

COVID-19 and Recreational Water

When recreational water facilities are permitted to operate during the COVID-19 pandemic, there are certain things you will need to consider before re-opening. The Lifesaving Society put together a guide to assist facility operators and aquatic staff at swimming pools and waterfronts. The objective of the document is to assist owners and operators of aquatic facilities to minimize the risk of COVID-19 transmission to employees and patrons when facilities reopen.

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