Food Programs and Services

There are many food programs and services available in Elgin County, City of St. Thomas, and Oxford County.


COVID-19 Food Access in Oxford, Elgin and City of St. Thomas


Food Programs and Services Guide

Elgin County and City of St. Thomas

Food Programs and Services Guide - Complete Guide

Cooking Programs

Diabetes Education

Food Access Programs, East Elgin

Food Access Programs, St. Thomas & Central Elgin

Food Access Programs, West Elgin

Garden Programs

Nutrition Services by Registered Dietitians


Oxford County

Oxford County Food Programs and Services Guide - Complete Guide

Oxford County Cooking Programs

Oxford County Diabetes Education Programs

Oxford County Food Access Programs

Oxford County Nutrition Services

Oxford County Registered Dietitians Support Services



Southwestern Public Health would like to thank all the organizations listed for their participation. The information is kept up to date with reasonable effort on an annual basis. For changes or updates to these guides, please contact us.


Last Updated: April 8, 2020
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